Budget travel guide to Costa Rica

I just came back from a trip to Costa Rica. Since I was in the Houston area, it was cheap and easy for me to catch a flight to the small Central-American country, and I decided to take advantage of the opportunity. With a GDP per capita of only about $11,000 (similar to that of […]

Budget travel Costa Rica tips

USA infrastructure for digital nomads

Why the USA Is a Bad Place for Digital Nomads

Over the last year I’ve spent a significant amount of time in the United States of America, because my girlfriend is working on a research project there. The US has a reputation for liberty and entrepreneurship, which makes it seem like a decent spot for a digital nomad to hang out for a while. It […]

Choice in America

Americans are obsessed with choice. I travelled here three weeks ago to stay with my girlfriend for a couple of months. Since then I’ve had to make an astounding number of choices. The local grocery store has 85 types of breakfast cereal to choose from (though not the type of ‘crunchy muesli’ that I like […]

too much choice cereal

Upwork pricing structure

Upwork: not so much up for work anymore 4

For many (digital) nomads, having some location-independent work or business is key to sustaining the lifestyle. It keeps the necessary amount of money coming in to pay for apartment rental, food, and travel, while not tying you to one place or employer. One of the challenges that comes with this nomadic style of working, is […]

Nomad life: of taxes and bureaucracy

I recently relocated from Kraków, Poland, to Sofia, Bulgaria. Kraków was a charming town, but Sofia has more business opportunities to offer. Partly the result of Bulgaria’s low tax regime, there is a lively startup scene in Sofia. Also Bulgaria has many well-educated programmers and other IT specialists, making it an attractive base for internet […]

best tax countries for digital nomads

dress in layers for temperature difference summer winter

How to dress in layers for a 40+ degrees temperature range

I’m writing this post from Sofia, Bulgaria. Outside the snow is piled at least 15cm high, and it’s -15 degrees Celsius. My stay in Sofia is part of a month-long journey that has taken me through Cyprus, Istanbul, and will end in Belgium. In Cyprus the daily highs would sometimes reach 20-22 degrees Celsius. Istanbul […]

How to find the cheapest flights online 10

The summer is here, and chances are you want to fly out to a cool holiday destination. Of course you don’t want to spend more than you have to. Fortunately there are now multiple online flight search engines available that help you how to find the cheapest flights. Three of the most powerful flight search […]

Find the cheapest flight

Hitchhiking is one way how to travel for free

How to travel for free

Most of us like to travel. But one of the harsh realities of life is that travelling costs money. Or does it? There are actually many ways to travel for free. Transportation, lodging, food, and entertainment: none of these needs cost you any money. In this article I will show you how to travel for […]

What kind of traveller are you?

Do you love travel? Since you’re reading this blog, you probably do. People travel for many different reasons. And this creates different types of travellers. I’ve found that travellers broadly fall into five different categories. Do you want to know how to recognize them? And want to find out what kind of traveller you are? […]

different types of travellers on plaza

ryanair currency conversion opt-out

How Ryanair stole millions from its customers 14

I’m on my way back to Kraków from a two-week trip to the Netherlands. I’m flying there with Ryanair, the well-known Irish discount airline. Over the years I’ve taken many flights with the company, and have developed a love-hate relationship with them. On the one hand their fares are unbeatable (if you book early), and […]