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How to find a rental apartment in Budapest 13

It’s been a week already since my last blog post. To make up for not posting anything in the meantime, this will be an extra long article. I present you: the complete guide to finding a rental apartment in Budapest. The past week I’ve been pretty busy searching for a new place to live. Yesterday […]


First impressions of Budapest

Today marks the one-week-point of my stay in Budapest. It’s not an impressive milestone, and so far I could have just been here on vacation. Nevertheless I thought it worthwhile to share with you my first impressions of my new home town. Budapest is positively gorgeous! While it’s not quite London or Paris, it certainly […]

Budapest museum of etnography

Trash bins

How to throw things away

Keeping your life confined to two bags and a suitcase requires a constant effort. Yesterday I flew to Budapest, where I will be living for the next half year or so. This meant I that I spent most of the day before on packing everything I would need during the coming months. And, more importantly, […]


No logo 4

Last week I talked to my friend and fellow-blogger Hester of A Manic Monday. A Manic Monday is both a lifestyle blog and an online store for cross stitch designs hand made by Hester. Most of her designs have a witty tongue-in-cheek character to them, enhanced by retro looks. They’re pretty cool. Logo trashed As […]

No Logo

The view from my backyard

Why I travel 2

It’s funny how quickly something can turn around. Two weeks ago I was completely fed up with travelling. I had been on the move for four months, and couldn’t bear the thought of getting into another airplane. I was looking forward to a period of rest; to not having to figure out my itinerary each […]