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Hiking in the High Tatras (Slovakia) 2

Yesterday I returned from four days of hiking in the High Tatra mountains, Slovakia. I was fortunate enough to join a group of Hungarians who travelled there. It was four days of natural beauty, physical challenges, camaraderie, and well-deserved hot chocolate with rum (or the local speciality Tatra tea) at the end of the day. […]

High Tatras mountain lake

Can I borrow a cup of sugar?

Can I borrow a cup of sugar? 7

This weekend I came across an amazing new initiative: Peerby. It is one in the same category as Airbnb and BlaBlaCar: an online marketplace that connects individuals who have something directly with those who need that something, cutting out the middle man. There is a big difference though: with Peerby there is no money involved. […]


Buy what you need, not what you want 5

For the past week I’ve been pretty busy, so there haven’t been any blog updates. I’m expanding one of my affiliate sites to other countries. I think there are some profitable, yet untapped markets out there, of which I want to take advantage. So I’m working on a strategy for that, and hiring people to […]

Packing light

Tiny house

Living the dream on 12 square metres 3

This week I came across the video below (thanks to a tweet by Joshua Becker). It is about an American couple, Tammy and Logan, who drastically changed their lives and moved into a 12 square metre house they built themselves. They quit their jobs (which they hated), sold most of their possessions, and moved into […]


Reading this article will save your life 2

There is something very disturbing going on on the world wide web. You probably don’t even realize it, but you look at it every day. And slowly but steadily it is affecting your health. It undermines your sanity. If you don’t take action, you too will eventually succumb to this phenomenon. Fortunately there is a […]