This page contains a collection of links that I use a lot. If you have a similar lifestyle, they might be of use to you as well.


oDesk – The largest platform for hiring freelancers over the internet. If you run your own internet business (like I do), chances are that you want to outsource some of the less interesting tasks like translation, webdesign, content generation, and linkbuilding. oDesk is the first place to look, and for most non-specialty jobs you can usually find a good freelancer to do it at a low rate.


TripAdvisor – Invaluable for its community reviews of hotels and other accommodations. – One of the two booking websites that I use most when searching for hotel rooms. They have an excellent interface, their mobile app is quick, and the prices you see are what you pay (no hidden fees). Usually you don’t pay anything to (sometimes you don’t even need a credit card) and you pay the hotel in the local currency when you stay there.

Agoda – The other booking site that I use a lot. Their interface is not the greatest and doesn’t allow sorting by price (tip: use the mobile app instead, which is better), and usually some ‘taxes’ are addded on top of the displayed prices, which makes it more annoying to compare prices. However, they often have excellent bargain deals available that simply cannot be found on any other booking site. You typically pay Agoda directly by credit card upon booking, which saves you the currency conversion or credit card fees that some hotels charge.

Shopping – Most items that I buy new, I buy off of (except for food and clothing). It’s usually cheaper than any alternative, and their selection is unmatched in the world. Note that if you live outside of the U.S. shipping can take a long time and cost too much. For this reason I sometimes use either or for deliveries to Europe. They tend to be more expensive and don’t stock all items, but shipping is significantly cheaper and faster.


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