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Airbnb contact phone number maze

Contact Airbnb by Phone… Mission Impossible?

Anyone who’s travelled more than a little has become familiar with Airbnb. At its best, the company offers travellers and property owners a seamless platform for renting a bed, a room, or an entire apartment. At its worst the company is a blood sucking nightmare that abuses its customers and destroys neighbourhoods. I will elaborate […]

Manuel Antonio National Park on a budget

Manuel Antonio on a Budget (Costa Rica Budget Travel Guide)

Manuel Antonio is Costa Rica’s smallest and most popular national park. Its coastal jungle ecosystem supports an extreme biodiversity, and you can spot many land animals, birds and fish there. Not to mention that the views are gorgeous. Unfortunately, due to its popularity with (especially American) tourists, Manuel Antonio is also the most expensive place […]

USA infrastructure for digital nomads

Why the USA Is a Bad Place for Digital Nomads

Over the last year I’ve spent a significant amount of time in the United States of America, because my girlfriend is working on a research project there. The US has a reputation for liberty and entrepreneurship, which makes it seem like a decent spot for a digital nomad to hang out for a while. It […]

dress in layers for temperature difference summer winter

How to dress in layers for a 40+ degrees temperature range

I’m writing this post from Sofia, Bulgaria. Outside the snow is piled at least 15cm high, and it’s -15 degrees Celsius. My stay in Sofia is part of a month-long journey that has taken me through Cyprus, Istanbul, and will end in Belgium. In Cyprus the daily highs would sometimes reach 20-22 degrees Celsius. Istanbul […]

Find the cheapest flight

How to find the cheapest flights online

The summer is here, and chances are you want to fly out to a cool holiday destination. Of course you don’t want to spend more than you have to. Fortunately there are now multiple online flight search engines available that help you how to find the cheapest flights. Three of the most powerful flight search […]

Hitchhiking is one way how to travel for free

How to travel for free

Most of us like to travel. But one of the harsh realities of life is that travelling costs money. Or does it? There are actually many ways to travel for free. Transportation, lodging, food, and entertainment: none of these needs cost you any money. In this article I will show you how to travel for […]

different types of travellers on plaza

What kind of traveller are you?

Do you love travel? Since you’re reading this blog, you probably do. People travel for many different reasons. And this creates different types of travellers. I’ve found that travellers broadly fall into five different categories. Do you want to know how to recognize them? And want to find out what kind of traveller you are? […]

ryanair currency conversion opt-out

How Ryanair stole millions from its customers

I’m on my way back to Kraków from a two-week trip to the Netherlands. I’m flying there with Ryanair, the well-known Irish discount airline. Over the years I’ve taken many flights with the company, and have developed a love-hate relationship with them. On the one hand their fares are unbeatable (if you book early), and […]

consumer to consumer business model

Bla Bla What? The trouble of a C2C business model

A couple of days ago my girlfriend was visiting me from Kraków, a city 400km away from Budapest, where I live. She used the ride sharing platform BlaBlaCar to get here and back, in order to save on gas and reduce her environmental footprint. Bla Bla What? BlaBlaCar was started a few years ago as […]

cost of living infographic

Cost of Living around the world

Whenever I travel or move to a new destination, I always look into the cost of living there. The differences across the world are large, even among developed or developing countries in the same region (e.g. the UK versus Portugal; Colombia versus Venezuela). With my income independent of my location, cost of living can make […]

Quechua Forclaz 40 Air backpack in 3 different configurations

Travel gear review: Quechua Forclaz 40 Air backpack

A few months ago I replaced my Cabin Max Metz cabin-sized backpack. The Cabin Max was spacious and ideally suited to carry the maximum amount of hand luggage on a low-cost flight, but it wasn’t very comfortable to wear. I wanted a backpack that was useful for transporting my stuff by plane without checking it, […]

Low-cost airlines Ryanair and Wizz air

Flying low-cost

For the past week I’ve been in Italy, the country of great food, hospitality, and a complete lack of organization. Aside from being stranded for half a day in the middle of nowhere because of a train strike, I’ve been enjoying myself. I travelled around the central-Northern region (Veneto and Lombardy), which features spectacular mountain […]

Backpacking in Israel

Israel for backpackers

I’ve returned safely from Israel to Budapest, and I’m catching up on some work as we speak. I actually managed to have a few business meetings during my trip, as some of the companies I work with are based there. It’s always nice to combine business and pleasure. The success of my trip was by […]

Jewish Sukot festival

The Dutch and the Jews

For the past week I’ve been staying in Israel, as a guest of Tal, an Israeli student I met in Budapest. During those days I’ve visited many places in the small Middle Eastern country, and seen its inhabitants under various circumstances: from ultra-orthodox Jews praying in Jerusalem to the secular party crowd in Tel-Aviv; from […]

israeli air security screenings

The most secure country on Earth

I’m writing this blog post from an airplane, on my way to Tel Aviv, Israel. I haven’t blogged for a while, the main reasons for which have been lack of time and lack of things to write about. It’s not that my life hasn’t been interesting; it’s just been filled with rather ordinary things like […]

Disconnected network cable


Since my last blog update I’ve had very little time to work on my blog. First I had a close friend from the US visiting, and then we both went to Vienna for a week. Most of the time we were hanging out, and the little time I spent at my computer was used to […]

Warsaw Poland past present future

Poland: past, present, and future

It has been a little over a week since I arrived in Poland. I spent my first four days in Warsaw, then three in Lublin, and right now I’m in the small and charming renaissance town of Zamosc. The trip has been a lot of fun so far, leaving me with little time to work, […]

Backpacking with new outdoor and running gear

On the road again

Tomorrow I’ll be leaving on a new trip. After having sat tight in Budapest for about three months, it is high time to start travelling again. It’ll be a fairly short trip and not too far away: I’ll fly to Warsaw, Poland, and from there I’ll make my way overland back to the Hungarian capital. […]

Hunger King Budapest

Hunger King

This weekend I was showing a friend around my new home town, Budapest. Right in the city centre we encountered a pretty interesting fast food venture: ‘Hunger King’. At first I thought it was a cheap rip-off of Burger King. It used the same font and colours on its store front, and the logo looked […]

High Tatras mountain lake

Hiking in the High Tatras (Slovakia)

Yesterday I returned from four days of hiking in the High Tatra mountains, Slovakia. I was fortunate enough to join a group of Hungarians who travelled there. It was four days of natural beauty, physical challenges, camaraderie, and well-deserved hot chocolate with rum (or the local speciality Tatra tea) at the end of the day. […]

Packing light

Buy what you need, not what you want

For the past week I’ve been pretty busy, so there haven’t been any blog updates. I’m expanding one of my affiliate sites to other countries. I think there are some profitable, yet untapped markets out there, of which I want to take advantage. So I’m working on a strategy for that, and hiring people to […]

Budapest museum of etnography

First impressions of Budapest

Today marks the one-week-point of my stay in Budapest. It’s not an impressive milestone, and so far I could have just been here on vacation. Nevertheless I thought it worthwhile to share with you my first impressions of my new home town. Budapest is positively gorgeous! While it’s not quite London or Paris, it certainly […]

The view from my backyard

Why I travel

It’s funny how quickly something can turn around. Two weeks ago I was completely fed up with travelling. I had been on the move for four months, and couldn’t bear the thought of getting into another airplane. I was looking forward to a period of rest; to not having to figure out my itinerary each […]

Beautiful Budapest


After careful deliberation (meaning: some half drunk conversations with friends, browsing through Wikipedia and Google Images, reading the occasional blog post, and in the end just going with my gut feeling) I settled on Budapest as my new home. I’ll fly there in the first week of May, and intend to stay for at least […]

united arab emirates

Observations from the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

After my four-month-long journey through Southeast Asia, I spent one final week in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It wasn’t a destination I was super keen on visiting per se, but this way I could break up one very long gruesome flight into two shorter manageable ones. So I booked my ticket with 6 nights […]

kuala lumpur international airport

Journey’s end

My Southeast Asia trip has come to an end. I’m waiting for my flight at KL International Airport (which I stupidly booked for 03.25 am. in order to save a few bucks). The past months have been fun, interesting, enlightening, tiring, inspiring, and definitely memorable. I met many cool people, saw some amazing places, and […]

waste collection pulau tioman malaysia


The last few days I spent on Pulau Tioman, another one of those beautiful islands in the South Chinese Sea. It is a relatively undeveloped place, with rare internet access (though intermittently available through mobile broadband), few roads, and no sprawl of high-rise seaside resorts. A bit like Koh Chang Noi, or to a much […]

drivers and pedestrian in saigon vietnam

Drivers and pedestrians

Everybody thinks they’re a good driver. Also, almost all people I’ve talked to about the subject believe that their fellow-countrymen are the worst drivers in the world. That’s not strange, since most people drive mostly within their own country, and thus encounter the most cases of bad road behaviour right there (in psychology this is […]

armenian street heritage hotel georgetown penang

A coffee shop encounter in Penang

I am in Penang, Malaysia. In Georgetown to be precise. Despite the heavy traffic and the run-down look of most building, I feel quite at home here. The town centre is easy to navigate, there is amazing and cheap food to be found, most people speak excellent English and are polite (that’s what 200 years […]

golden mermaid songkhla

Friendly smiles

Since my last blog post I’ve crossed the border into Malaysia. It was the easiest border crossing yet. I took the ferry from Satun to Langkawi. All I had to do was get stamped out at the ferry station on the Thai side and get stamped in on the Malaysian side. No visa, no bribes, […]

koh phangan inland road

Inland territory

Over the past week I’ve been calling two islands in the Gulf of Thailand ‘home’: Koh Tao and Koh Phangan. Koh Tao is known for one, and pretty much only one thing: scuba diving. It is one of the cheapest places in the world to take diving lessons, and ranks second to only Cairns, Australia, […]

police man

On crime

One interesting thing I noticed during my stay on the small island of Koh Chang Noi in the Andaman sea (see my blog post ‘My small island retreat‘), was that there is virtually no crime on the island. The resort where I was staying employed an honours system for food and drinks. You could order […]

ranong airport sunset

A quick update from Ranong

Two days ago I flew to Ranong. Since there is no direct air connection between Chiang Mai and Ranong, I had to change planes in Bangkok. The flight from Chiang Mai to Bangkok (DMK) I did with Lion Air. This airline company has a rather dubious safety record, and is banned in Europe, but at […]

international bank hanoi

A day of woe in Hanoi

Today was highly frustrating. It should have been an excellent day; I woke up and had breakfast on the beautiful Cat Ba Island, where I had spent the last two days. Aside from a touristy settlement around the docks, the island offers mostly natural beauty, and has some great hiking trails. This had been a […]

market in hoi an vietnam

Be willing to walk away

In many countries doing business is all about negotiating. If you live in Europe or North-America, you might not be used to haggling over the price of a box of cornflakes (although you can and should haggle if buying clothes at a boutique store or something like expensive camera equipment), but in other parts of […]

packed for a hiking trip

What to bring on a hiking trip

I just returned from a week of hiking in the Swiss Alps. Never having been to Switzerland before, all I knew was that it’s expensive, that they make delicious chocolate, and that the people speak some form of German (which is unintelligible to normal German speakers). I was pleasantly surprised by many things, about which […]

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