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Disconnected 3

Since my last blog update I’ve had very little time to work on my blog. First I had a close friend from the US visiting, and then we both went to Vienna for a week. Most of the time we were hanging out, and the little time I spent at my computer was used to […]

Disconnected network cable

Office on the road

The trouble with working from anywhere 2

This week I finally returned from my trip to Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. I had a great time, especially in Poland, where I met some amazing people. In part, I think, because the Poles are a pretty interesting people in general. In part because I took my travelling slowly, each time staying in […]


Poland: past, present, and future 2

It has been a little over a week since I arrived in Poland. I spent my first four days in Warsaw, then three in Lublin, and right now I’m in the small and charming renaissance town of Zamosc. The trip has been a lot of fun so far, leaving me with little time to work, […]

Warsaw Poland past present future

Backpacking with new outdoor and running gear

On the road again 1

Tomorrow I’ll be leaving on a new trip. After having sat tight in Budapest for about three months, it is high time to start travelling again. It’ll be a fairly short trip and not too far away: I’ll fly to Warsaw, Poland, and from there I’ll make my way overland back to the Hungarian capital. […]


Be unique! 3

As I wrote in my last blog post, I’m in the process of scaling-up my business. This involves outsourcing some tasks to others who are better at it than I am, or who can perform them at a lower rate. As it turns out, some tasks are pretty easy to outsource. There are thousands of […]

Be unique for success

Scale up your business

How to scale-up your business

I haven’t posted a blog update in over two weeks, so some of you loyal readers might be wondering what’s happening. The truth is, I’ve been too busy with other projects. Between running my affiliate business, building up my social life in Budapest, and hosting friends from abroad, I haven’t had much time to write. […]


Two months of living in Budapest

Today it’s been exactly two months since I arrived in Budapest. After living in Budapest for two months, it seems like a good moment to take stock of what I’ve encountered here so far. Living in the city A lot of my time during the first month had been spent on finding a new apartment. […]

Budapest by night

Hunger King Budapest

Hunger King

This weekend I was showing a friend around my new home town, Budapest. Right in the city centre we encountered a pretty interesting fast food venture: ‘Hunger King’. At first I thought it was a cheap rip-off of Burger King. It used the same font and colours on its store front, and the logo looked […]


Hiking in the High Tatras (Slovakia) 2

Yesterday I returned from four days of hiking in the High Tatra mountains, Slovakia. I was fortunate enough to join a group of Hungarians who travelled there. It was four days of natural beauty, physical challenges, camaraderie, and well-deserved hot chocolate with rum (or the local speciality Tatra tea) at the end of the day. […]

High Tatras mountain lake

Can I borrow a cup of sugar?

Can I borrow a cup of sugar? 7

This weekend I came across an amazing new initiative: Peerby. It is one in the same category as Airbnb and BlaBlaCar: an online marketplace that connects individuals who have something directly with those who need that something, cutting out the middle man. There is a big difference though: with Peerby there is no money involved. […]