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Buy what you need, not what you want 5

For the past week I’ve been pretty busy, so there haven’t been any blog updates. I’m expanding one of my affiliate sites to other countries. I think there are some profitable, yet untapped markets out there, of which I want to take advantage. So I’m working on a strategy for that, and hiring people to […]

Packing light

Tiny house

Living the dream on 12 square metres 3

This week I came across the video below (thanks to a tweet by Joshua Becker). It is about an American couple, Tammy and Logan, who drastically changed their lives and moved into a 12 square metre house they built themselves. They quit their jobs (which they hated), sold most of their possessions, and moved into […]


Reading this article will save your life 2

There is something very disturbing going on on the world wide web. You probably don’t even realize it, but you look at it every day. And slowly but steadily it is affecting your health. It undermines your sanity. If you don’t take action, you too will eventually succumb to this phenomenon. Fortunately there is a […]


How to find a rental apartment in Budapest 13

It’s been a week already since my last blog post. To make up for not posting anything in the meantime, this will be an extra long article. I present you: the complete guide to finding a rental apartment in Budapest. The past week I’ve been pretty busy searching for a new place to live. Yesterday […]


Budapest museum of etnography

First impressions of Budapest

Today marks the one-week-point of my stay in Budapest. It’s not an impressive milestone, and so far I could have just been here on vacation. Nevertheless I thought it worthwhile to share with you my first impressions of my new home town. Budapest is positively gorgeous! While it’s not quite London or Paris, it certainly […]


How to throw things away

Keeping your life confined to two bags and a suitcase requires a constant effort. Yesterday I flew to Budapest, where I will be living for the next half year or so. This meant I that I spent most of the day before on packing everything I would need during the coming months. And, more importantly, […]

Trash bins

No Logo

No logo 4

Last week I talked to my friend and fellow-blogger Hester of A Manic Monday. A Manic Monday is both a lifestyle blog and an online store for cross stitch designs hand made by Hester. Most of her designs have a witty tongue-in-cheek character to them, enhanced by retro looks. They’re pretty cool. Logo trashed As […]


Why I travel 2

It’s funny how quickly something can turn around. Two weeks ago I was completely fed up with travelling. I had been on the move for four months, and couldn’t bear the thought of getting into another airplane. I was looking forward to a period of rest; to not having to figure out my itinerary each […]

The view from my backyard