Cost of Living around the world

Whenever I travel or move to a new destination, I always look into the cost of living there. The differences across the world are large, even among developed or developing countries in the same region (e.g. the UK versus Portugal; Colombia versus Venezuela). With my income independent of my location, cost of living can make […]

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Be unique for success

Be unique! 3

As I wrote in my last blog post, I’m in the process of scaling-up my business. This involves outsourcing some tasks to others who are better at it than I am, or who can perform them at a lower rate. As it turns out, some tasks are pretty easy to outsource. There are thousands of […]


How to scale-up your business

I haven’t posted a blog update in over two weeks, so some of you loyal readers might be wondering what’s happening. The truth is, I’ve been too busy with other projects. Between running my affiliate business, building up my social life in Budapest, and hosting friends from abroad, I haven’t had much time to write. […]

Scale up your business

Tax day 1

Today is tax day in the US (the day on which federal income tax returns are due). I find filing my tax returns a dreadful chore, one that returns each year and always seems like a waste of effort. My tax day this year fell on April 1st, as I’m a registered citizen in the […]

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A day of woe in Hanoi 2

Today was highly frustrating. It should have been an excellent day; I woke up and had breakfast on the beautiful Cat Ba Island, where I had spent the last two days. Aside from a touristy settlement around the docks, the island offers mostly natural beauty, and has some great hiking trails. This had been a […]