Cost of Living around the world

cost of living infographic

How much are all these people paying to live where they live? Find out with the cost of living infographic below.

Whenever I travel or move to a new destination, I always look into the cost of living there. The differences across the world are large, even among developed or developing countries in the same region (e.g. the UK versus Portugal; Colombia versus Venezuela). With my income independent of my location, cost of living can make the difference between saving up or draining money over time.

A source I often consult to view the cost of living of a country or city is Numbeo. It’s a user data based resource on the prices of various goods and services around the world. You can also compare two cities or countries to each other to find the relative cost of living.

Cost of living in an infographic

Now MoveHub has compiled an infographic from the Numbeo database. The graphic shows a map of the world with the cost of living in different countries represented by different colors. There are some surprises. Countries that seem surprisingly expensive to me include Venezuela, Kuwait, Gabon, Congo, and Suriname. The dark colors of Papua New Guinea and Burundi must be a glitch, as these are two of the poorest countries in the world. Countries that seem cheaper than I thought they were include the US, Egypt, Austria, South Africa, and the UAE.

Note that the map is based on user-generated data, which is not abundant for all countries. Also, the people who contribute to Numbeo may not be a representative sample of the general population in each country. For example, the web-savvy contributors from Ghana are likely to do their shopping elsewhere than most people in that country. Still, the map is overall correct, and a very handy resource when planning your next trip or move.

An interesting map from MoveHub reveals living costs around the world.

Global Living Costs Map


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