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Stranded without water

Meet Freddy. Freddy used to be a French project manager, but he got fed up with his job, so he decided to pack up all his stuff and move out. After working in London as a bartender for a few years, he wound up in Valencia (Spain), where I met him under most unusual circumstances. […]

city of arts and sciences valencia

crowded planet

Off the beaten path on a crowded planet

Today I met a guy named Cash. Not sure if that’s his real name, but it’s what everybody called him. Cash is my friend Sibel’s landlord and flatmate in Barcelona, and a colourful character. We got talking when I was over visiting my friend. Now Cash is a veteran globetrotter, so naturally the conversation geared […]


What to bring on a hiking trip 2

I just returned from a week of hiking in the Swiss Alps. Never having been to Switzerland before, all I knew was that it’s expensive, that they make delicious chocolate, and that the people speak some form of German (which is unintelligible to normal German speakers). I was pleasantly surprised by many things, about which […]

packed for a hiking trip