I like having great gear. As a minimalist I try to own as few things as possible, and I want the things that I do own to be the best of their kind. I don’t mind spending more to get something of excellent quality (although I won’t spend a dime on brand names if I can avoid it).

Every now and then I will review some piece of gear that I own. Expect reviews here of luggage, clothing, cooking gear, electronic gadgets, and outdoor stuff. In my reviews I try to be as objective as I can. If a product is great, I’ll say it’s great; if it sucks, I’ll say so too. I don’t get paid by manufacturers for writing my reviews. In most reviews I will include a link to the page where it’s sold. If you end up buying something on after using the link, you help me maintain this site (you will pay the same as if you hadn’t used the link). I am indifferent to whether you buy the reviewed item or something else. In short: there is no incentive for me to provide you with false information about a product, and I will not do so.

Ejoy reading the gear reviews below, and I hope they are of help to you!

dress in layers for temperature difference summer winter

How to dress in layers for a 40+ degrees temperature range

I’m writing this post from Sofia, Bulgaria. Outside the snow is piled at least 15cm high, and it’s -15 degrees Celsius. My stay in Sofia is part of a month-long journey that has taken me through Cyprus, Istanbul, and will end in Belgium. In Cyprus the daily highs would sometimes reach 20-22 degrees Celsius. Istanbul […]

Quechua Forclaz 40 Air backpack in 3 different configurations

Travel gear review: Quechua Forclaz 40 Air backpack

A few months ago I replaced my Cabin Max Metz cabin-sized backpack. The Cabin Max was spacious and ideally suited to carry the maximum amount of hand luggage on a low-cost flight, but it wasn’t very comfortable to wear. I wanted a backpack that was useful for transporting my stuff by plane without checking it, […]

Backpacking with new outdoor and running gear

On the road again

Tomorrow I’ll be leaving on a new trip. After having sat tight in Budapest for about three months, it is high time to start travelling again. It’ll be a fairly short trip and not too far away: I’ll fly to Warsaw, Poland, and from there I’ll make my way overland back to the Hungarian capital. […]

Cabin Max Metz flight-size carry-on bag

Travel gear review: Cabin Max Metz backpack (carry-on luggage)

I hate shopping. Acquiring things like food, new clothes, or household items is something I try to do in as little time as possible. There is one exception: travel gear. I enjoy shopping for new travel gear. When browsing a luggage store I always imagine how a certain item will make it easier or more […]

packed for a hiking trip

What to bring on a hiking trip

I just returned from a week of hiking in the Swiss Alps. Never having been to Switzerland before, all I knew was that it’s expensive, that they make delicious chocolate, and that the people speak some form of German (which is unintelligible to normal German speakers). I was pleasantly surprised by many things, about which […]

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