Minimalism is one of the cornerstones of my lifestyle. By ‘minimalism’ I mean owning no more stuff than you need. There are at least four reasons for having a minimalist lifestyle:

  • You save money, which you can spend on more worthwhile endeavors.
  • You remain mobile, which will enable you to travel more and to move wherever you want.
  • You keep your mind clear because you don’t have to worry about your ‘stuff’.
  • You help the environment by not using up fossil resources.

Below you can find all blog posts I’ve written about minimalism.

too much choice cereal

Choice in America

Americans are obsessed with choice. I travelled here three weeks ago to stay with my girlfriend for a couple of months. Since then I’ve had to make an astounding number of choices. The local grocery store has 85 types of breakfast cereal to choose from (though not the type of ‘crunchy muesli’ that I like […]

The effort of not buying things

My biggest news of the past week is that I moved from Hungary to Poland. My girlfriend lives in Kraków, and I had grown tired of travelling the same seven-hour route by bus twice a month. Since she couldn’t easily move because of her work, I decided that I might as well move to Kraków. […]

Minimalist Christmas

A minimalist Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! (Or for those of you who dislike the Christian religious connotation of the event: happy holidays!) I hope that you’re all enjoying the things about Christmas that count, and ignore the things that don’t count or that just provide unnecessary stress. What doesn’t count Christmas is not about presents. I firmly believe […]

Cognitice dissonance minimalism

Cognitive dissonance and its consequences

Being a minimalist offers great benefits. But one of the most heard objections to minimalism is: “I don’t have anything that I could throw away.” Many people believe that they need all the objects they own, or at least value them too much to get rid of them. And consequently they let those objects drag […]

Cost of renting versus buying

The hidden cost of minimalism

There are many reasons to be a minimalist: freedom, happiness, sustainability, peace of mind. One more ‘down to earth’ reason is: money. By being a minimalist you generally save a lot of money, since you don’t spend it on crap you don’t need. That means you can either work less and enjoy more leisure time, […]

The paradox of choice

The paradox of choice

Yesterday I stumbled upon the TED talk ‘The paradox of choice‘ by Barry Schwartz, based on his book of the same title. The talk was given some years ago, but I hadn’t come across it before. In his lecture Schwartz explains how, paradoxically, having more choice isn’t better for us. In fact, it can cause […]

Can I borrow a cup of sugar?

Can I borrow a cup of sugar?

This weekend I came across an amazing new initiative: Peerby. It is one in the same category as Airbnb and BlaBlaCar: an online marketplace that connects individuals who have something directly with those who need that something, cutting out the middle man. There is a big difference though: with Peerby there is no money involved. […]

Packing light

Buy what you need, not what you want

For the past week I’ve been pretty busy, so there haven’t been any blog updates. I’m expanding one of my affiliate sites to other countries. I think there are some profitable, yet untapped markets out there, of which I want to take advantage. So I’m working on a strategy for that, and hiring people to […]

Tiny house

Living the dream on 12 square metres

This week I came across the video below (thanks to a tweet by Joshua Becker). It is about an American couple, Tammy and Logan, who drastically changed their lives and moved into a 12 square metre house they built themselves. They quit their jobs (which they hated), sold most of their possessions, and moved into […]

Trash bins

How to throw things away

Keeping your life confined to two bags and a suitcase requires a constant effort. Yesterday I flew to Budapest, where I will be living for the next half year or so. This meant I that I spent most of the day before on packing everything I would need during the coming months. And, more importantly, […]

The view from my backyard

Why I travel

It’s funny how quickly something can turn around. Two weeks ago I was completely fed up with travelling. I had been on the move for four months, and couldn’t bear the thought of getting into another airplane. I was looking forward to a period of rest; to not having to figure out my itinerary each […]

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