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Beautiful Budapest

Decided! 4

After careful deliberation (meaning: some half drunk conversations with friends, browsing through Wikipedia and Google Images, reading the occasional blog post, and in the end just going with my gut feeling) I settled on Budapest as my new home. I’ll fly there in the first week of May, and intend to stay for at least […]


Five things I love about my country 3

I’ve always done a lot of complaining about my country. I’m from the Netherlands: a wealthy, medium-sized, fairly liberal country in Northwestern Europe. The terrain is flat, it rains about every other day, and the people who live there hold the record for being the tallest in the world. The Dutch people have a reputation […]

dutch landscape

ticket to ride europe

Choosing the best place to live

I’m back in Europe. And that means I’m homeless. To be fair, I’ve been homeless for the last four months, but when you’re travelling that doesn’t mean a lot. Everyone is homeless when they travel. Now I’m staying with my family in the Netherlands for a couple of days. It is good to see them […]


Tax day 1

Today is tax day in the US (the day on which federal income tax returns are due). I find filing my tax returns a dreadful chore, one that returns each year and always seems like a waste of effort. My tax day this year fell on April 1st, as I’m a registered citizen in the […]

income tax monopoly

united arab emirates

Observations from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) 4

After my four-month-long journey through Southeast Asia, I spent one final week in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It wasn’t a destination I was super keen on visiting per se, but this way I could break up one very long gruesome flight into two shorter manageable ones. So I booked my ticket with 6 nights […]


Journey’s end

My Southeast Asia trip has come to an end. I’m waiting for my flight at KL International Airport (which I stupidly booked for 03.25 am. in order to save a few bucks). The past months have been fun, interesting, enlightening, tiring, inspiring, and definitely memorable. I met many cool people, saw some amazing places, and […]

kuala lumpur international airport

waste collection pulau tioman malaysia


The last few days I spent on Pulau Tioman, another one of those beautiful islands in the South Chinese Sea. It is a relatively undeveloped place, with rare internet access (though intermittently available through mobile broadband), few roads, and no sprawl of high-rise seaside resorts. A bit like Koh Chang Noi, or to a much […]