Happy new year! 1

New year 2015

A nice picture to start the new year. (Photo: Anton Belovodchenko)

I hope you all had happy holidays with friends and family, and a spectacular new year’s eve celebration. I’ve been away from blogging for a few weeks, because I was visiting my home country and spending some time with my girlfriend. That is to change, though, and soon I’ll be back with part 2 of The complete guide to hiring freelancers online.

Also, here’s a quick look into some things to come this year:

  • I’m planning to change the focus of Two Bags and a Suitcase somewhat, and turn it into a comprehensive resource about mobile minimalist living. Rather than random observations ‘from the road,’ expect more how-to posts: how to save money, how to get work done while travelling, how to quickly settle in in a new place, etc.
  • I’ll be posting more gear reviews. I liked reviewing the gear that I use extensively, and these posts turned out to be some of the most read on the site.
  • This year I will move again to a different city in a new country. I won’t give away any details yet, but of course I will blog about my experiences in the process.

That’s it for now. The first real blog post of 2015 will be up soon. Follow me on Facebook or Twitter to be the first to know about it.


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One thought on “Happy new year!

  • Saddam

    I think your words were more minimalist than the pertucis! I did enjoy the pertucis! and I think you should find a cute little old yellow car that has been well cared for and loved by its owner(s) and take a road trip with Amy Jane!