Hunger King

This weekend I was showing a friend around my new home town, Budapest. Right in the city centre we encountered a pretty interesting fast food venture: ‘Hunger King’. At first I thought it was a cheap rip-off of Burger King. It used the same font and colours on its store front, and the logo looked […]

Hunger King Budapest


Reading this article will save your life 2

There is something very disturbing going on on the world wide web. You probably don’t even realize it, but you look at it every day. And slowly but steadily it is affecting your health. It undermines your sanity. If you don’t take action, you too will eventually succumb to this phenomenon. Fortunately there is a […]


No Logo

No logo 4

Last week I talked to my friend and fellow-blogger Hester of A Manic Monday. A Manic Monday is both a lifestyle blog and an online store for cross stitch designs hand made by Hester. Most of her designs have a witty tongue-in-cheek character to them, enhanced by retro looks. They’re pretty cool. Logo trashed As […]


A coffee shop encounter in Penang

I am in Penang, Malaysia. In Georgetown to be precise. Despite the heavy traffic and the run-down look of most building, I feel quite at home here. The town centre is easy to navigate, there is amazing and cheap food to be found, most people speak excellent English and are polite (that’s what 200 years […]

armenian street heritage hotel georgetown penang